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standard pasgt helmet

  • Product Name:  standard pasgt helmet
  • Model NO.:  DC4-2
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  1.5 kg / box, 10 pcs / ctn, 33.5 * 58 * 63cm, 16.5
  • Brand Name:  qianglun
  • Delivery Time:  According to the timely delivery of the quantity o
  • Product Details:  standard pasgt helmet

standard pasgt helmet It has passed USA H.P. white lab test lightweight USA NIJ IIIA ISO,GJB standard

  standard pasgt helmet

Adopting PE UD fabric as the raw material, lightweight non-metalbulletproof helmet is heat molded with special technique designaccording to different protection level requirements.

The product ownsthe qualities of lightweight, good bulletproof performance,anti-erosion, UV resistant, waterproof and good disguise. It is idealsecurity and defense product in the world.

Bulletproof performance of the helmet:


Code Style Weight Protection Area Protection Level
DC4-1 German Style 1.4kg 0.13M2 51type pistol lead core fired by 54type 7.62mm pistol
DC4-2 German Style 1.3kg 0.13M2 NIJ Standard IIIA
DC4-3 American Style 1.5kg 0.14M2 51type pistol lead core fired by 54type 7.62mm pistol
DC4-4 American Style 1.4kg 0.14M2 NIJ Standard IIIA
DC4-5 American Style 1.2kg 0.14M2 NIJ Standard II