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helmet army

  • Product Name:  helmet army
  • Model NO.:  DC4-2
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  1.5 kg / box, 10 pcs / ctn, 33.5 * 58 * 63cm, 16.5
  • Brand Name:  qianglun
  • Delivery Time:  According to the timely delivery of the quantity o
  • Product Details:  helmet army

helmet army It has passed USA H.P. white lab test lightweight USA NIJ IIIA ISO,GJB standard level iii helmet

Bulletproof Helmet:

Adopting PE UD fabric as the raw material, lightweight non-metalbulletproof helmet is heat molded with special technique designaccording to different protection level requirements.

The product ownsthe qualities of lightweight, good bulletproof performance,anti-erosion, UV resistant, waterproof and good disguise. It is idealsecurity and defense product in the world.

Bulletproof performance of the helmet:


Code Style Weight Protection Area Protection Level
DC4-1 German Style 1.4kg 0.13M2 51type pistol lead core fired by 54type 7.62mm pistol
DC4-2 German Style 1.3kg 0.13M2 NIJ Standard IIIA
DC4-3 American Style 1.5kg 0.14M2 51type pistol lead core fired by 54type 7.62mm pistol
DC4-4 American Style 1.4kg 0.14M2 NIJ Standard IIIA
DC4-5 American Style 1.2kg 0.14M2 NIJ Standard II