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UHMWPE plate armor

  • Product Name:  UHMWPE plate armor
  • Model NO.:  DC3-6
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Plate: Level 3: 10 / b
  • Brand Name:  qianglun
  • Delivery Time:  20 Days
  • Product Details:  UHMWPE plate armor

plate armor Light weight 1400g It can meet NIJ III ISO,GJB standard SUPPLY ABILITY: 16500 P/m

UHMWPE plate armor   Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Plate can proof AK47-7.62mm assault rifle with 7.62×39mm Rifle bullets and M14-7.62mm automatic rifle with 7.62×51mm NATO bullets in 15m distance shooting-live.Protection performance meets US NIJ III level standard.  

Code Product Specification Density Performance
DC3-1 PE Bulletproof Plate 1.2×1.6M
5kg/m2 NIJ Standard level IIIA
DC3-2 PE Bulletproof Plate 1.2×1.6M 22kg/m2 NIJ Standard level III
DC3-3 PE bulletproof insert 250×300MM 1.6kg/pc NIJ Standard level III
DC3-4 PE&aluninum oxide insert 250×300MM 2.3kg/pc NIJ Standard level III
DC3-5 PE&aluninum oxide insert 250×300MM 3.0kg/pc NIJ Standard level IV
DC3-6 PE&silicon carbon insert 250×300MM 1.8kg/pc NIJ Standard level III
DC3-7 PE&silicon carbon insert 250×300MM 2.5kg/pc NIJ Standard level IV
DC3-8 Silicon Carbide Insert 250×300mm   NIJ Standard level III
DC3-9 Nitriding porcelain Insret 250×300mm   NIJ Standard level III