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gloves latex

  • Product Name:  gloves latex
  • Model NO.:  DC5-3
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Plastic packaging, 200 pairs / box, 50 * 30 * 40cm
  • Brand Name:  qianglun
  • Product Details:  gloves latex

industrial latex gloves
Testing Item :Abrasion resistance
Protection Level:level 4
Quality Testing:EN 388

industrial latex gloves

The highperformance working gloves are made of high tenacity highmodulus PE fiber (bulletproof fiber), weaved by high-densitycomputerized glove knitting machine, and treated with PU resin coatingon the surface.

Product Application:ideall abor protection productfor aeroplane installation, automobile assembly and maintenance,mechanical and electrical equipment assembly,construction projects likebuilding railways and bridges, security task of thearmed police and the public security police, mine workings,earthquakerelief workings and also for workings in special stations.

Product Features: high intensity, good flexibility,comfortable wearing, waterproof, good defensibility against chemicalcorruption, UV radiation, cutting, ripping, and outstanding abrasionand puncture resistance. The shelf life is 30 times longer thanordinary yarn gloves.

Testing Item

Protection Level

Quality Testing

Blade cut resistance

Level 3,Level 4,Level 5

International CTC testing

Abrasion resistant

Level 4

International CTC testing

Tear resistance

Level 4

International CTC testing

Puncture resistant

Level 3

International CTC testing