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sell Cut-resistant gloves

  • Product Name:  sell Cut-resistant gloves
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  carton
  • Brand Name:  qianglun
  • Product Details:  sell Cut-resistant gloves

we supply cut-resistant gloves with high quality and reasonable price. level 3, level5.

The high performance cut-resistant glove is made of high tenacity high modulus PE fiber and spandex fiber, which is weaved by high-density computerized glove knitting machine and is treated on glove surface with PU resin coating. With characters such as anti-cutting, anti-stab, anti-tearing, as well as anti-abrasion, the glove wears soft and flexible at hands and widely used in automobile industry, machinery industry, construction projects and railway sectors for purpose of labor protection.

Technical index:
In accordance with EC Council Directive 89/686/EEC technical standard;
Levelof anti-stab,level of anti-cutting,level of anti-tearing,level of anti-abrasion

cut resistant gloves: The high performance working gloves; are made of high strenght, high modules PE fibers ( Bulletproof fibers). Weaved by high density computerized glove knitting machine; and treated with PU resin  coating on the glove's surface.

Product's applications: Ideally; for labor workers, airplane mechanics and installers; the automobile assembling industry;  general mechanical and maintenace, the assembling of electrical equipment, and for personal hand protection to building construction workers.

Product's Features: high durability, good flexibility, comfortable to wear, waterproof, good protection against chemicals corruption, UV radiation, cutting, ripping and tearing, and outstanding abrassion and puncture resistant. The durability of these gloves is 30 times longer than regular yarn gloves.

Other additional applications: can be used by railroads and bridges construction workers, special security teams and police tasks forces, public safety police, mine workers, earthquake and other disasters rescue teams.