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Polyester Engineering Fiber

  • Product Name:  Polyester Engineering Fiber
  • Model NO.:  High Performance Polypropylene Fiber
  • Product Details:  Polyester Engineering Fiber

Products summarize:
High Performance Polypropylene fiber (HPP Fiber) applies to construction-controlling interstice of concrete. strengthening tenacity.It can replace traditional steel fiber and reinforcing steel network, this is has a promising market as a new material for strengthening the tenacity of conerete.HPP fiber's main material is polypropylene modified high-molecular polymer. It looks rough but the outline is clear. The diameter varie;lengthh differs and is shaped wavily.It has the advantage of high tenacity, hith modulus and strong acid and alkali proofing ability. It looks like steel fiber in appearance and function the same, it also has the advantage of synthetically soft fiber, which was developed by America and Japan in the end of 20 century and put into market in 2000.Hpp fiber is the our latest product successiully developed on the basis of our production of engineering fiber.

Physical Nature:

Density(g/cm3) 0.95 Elongation(%) 15±2
Length(mm) 25;30;40;50 Water absorption(%) <0.1%
Denier(D) 2000-5000 Melting point(℃) 175±1
Tenacity(MPa) >530 Burning point(℃) 560±50
Modulus(MPa) >7000 Acid and alkali resistance high
Fiber section Diamond shape Heat conductivity(W/mk) 0.2

HPP fiber is in accordance with C-1116 (Standard declaration of fiber modified conerete and sprayed conerete) of A.S.T.M

Function & Features:
(1)Replacement of steel fiber, much more economical and convenient.
(2)Restraining erevice caused either by conerete plastic shrinkage and downfall, or by dryness and temperature.
(3)Enhancing the performance of conerete.
(4)Improving the endurance of conerete
(5)Expanding the life span of conerete
(6)Most adaptable for guniting with exact orientation

Application Areas:
Widely used for construction of roads,expressways,airport runways,tubes, underground tunnels,ceilings,parking losts. water conservancy projects, containers, docks and all kinds of conerete constructions.

Additive Proportion & Application Method:
Add HPP fiber with a proportion of 4-8kg/m in ordinary concrete blender while blending concrete HPP fiber can be in every corner equally with concrete after a short prolongation of 2 or 3 minutes
No special equipment is needed in the process of concrete construction