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gill nets sale

  • Product Name:  gill nets sale
  • Model NO.:  DCFN-20
  • Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  qianglun
  • Product Details:  gill nets sale

gill nets sale
UHMWPE Kontless Seine Nets
High tenacity ,abrasion resistanc
Depth: 100md
gill nets sale

As one of the most advanced types of fishing, our Purse seine nets are used to encircle or fence in a school of fish and are pursed at the bottom-roughly .
The net is suspended from the surface, allowing it to develop into a circular form.
It's strong, heavy enough to sink quickly, stand well against abrasion.

Fishing for anchovy, bonito, flying fish mackerels,capelin, frigate mackerels,herring,Sardine,Pilchard,Jack mackerel,Tuna etc.