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fishing net manufactory

  • Product Name:  fishing net manufactory
  • Model NO.:  DCFN-21
  • Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  qianglun
  • Product Details:  fishing net manufactory

fishing net manufactory..
High tenacity ,abrasion resistance
For far sea fishing
It can repeated us

As one of the most advanced types of fishing, our Purse seine nets are used to encircle or fence in a school of fish and are pursed at the bottom-roughly .
The net is suspended from the surface, allowing it to develop into a circular form.
It's strong, heavy enough to sink quickly, stand well against abrasion.

Fishing for anchovy, bonito, flying fish mackerels,capelin, frigate mackerels,herring,Sardine,Pilchard,Jack mackerel,Tuna etc.




We manufacture the seine fishing nets according to customer's design, the color of outshell fabric can be printed as original sample.