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Plasma Treated Fabric

  • Product Name:  Plasma Treated Fabric
  • Product Details:  Plasma Treated Fabric

The top-quality Arabic long gown fabric is woven with special PET fiber and natural fiber. It is atmospheric pressure plasma and antistatic treatment. The fabric is the ideal material for making Arabic long gown with many advantages like moisture-absorbing, ventilative, antistatic, elastic, crease-shedding, smooth, soft, comfortable, easy-caring and etc.

Technical Index
Item Results Test methods
width 1.5m  
Density 140±2g/m2 120±2g/m2  
Air permeability ≥90mm/s GB/T 5453-1997
Water vapor transmission rate ≥10000g/m2.d GB/T 12704-1991
Electric charge quantity ≤0.3µc GB/T 12014-1989
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