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About Us

Ningbo Dacheng Advanced Material Co.,Ltd.   Ningbo Dacheng Advanced Material Co.,Ltd., established in 1985, is one of the first “National Innovative Enterprises and National Key &Hi-Tech Enterprises”. It is the first domestic enterprises specializing in developing, producing and marketing ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and its series of products.     Ever since establishment, the company has adhered to the principle of developing the enterprise by science and technology, promote independent innovation, and keeps a long-term cooperation with scientific research institutions. We have successively implemented 8 projects of National Torch Plan, 3 projects of National Hi-Tech Development (863) Plan, 2 projects of Hi-Tech Research Industrialization Plan of National...

Catalogue and Products

Fishing Net

HDPE monofilament Twisted Knotless, HMWPE multifilament Twisted Knotless, UHMWPE Fiber Plastic-wrapped Twisted Knotless Net, UHMWPE Fiber Plastic-wrapped Twisted Knotless fishing Net, UHMWPE fishing Net, UHMWPE Twisted knotless fishing Net, UHMWPE Twisted knotless Net, UHMWPE twisted knotless fishing net, colored fish mesh net, coloured UHMWPE fishing net rope twine, cast nets for sale, gill nets sale, trawl fishing net, Colored seine fishing nets, coloured UHMWPE seine nets sale, coloured cast net fishing, UHMWPE trawl net for deep sea, Colored Dragging Fishing Nets on Sale, Colored PE multifilament fishing net for deep sea, HDPE kontless fishing net for cage-breeding, uhmwpe composite fiber fishing net for deep sea, HMWPE fiber kontless fishing nets prices, PET kontless twisted trawl net, HDPE fishing net factures for deep sea, Colored HMWPE Fiber Kontless Fishing Nets Sale, hi-tenacity fiber plastic-wrapped twisted fishing net, Kontless fish farming nets for deep-sea storm-proof large cages, UHMWPE Kontless fishing net for deep sea, UHMWPE fishing net for deep sea, fishing net manufactory, coloured uhmwpe rope nets, coloured UHMWPE fish net, uhmwpe sea cage, coloured UHMWPE gill nets sale, coloured UHMWPE fish nets for deep sea on sale, hi-tenacity fishing cast nets, types of deep sea net,

Soft Bulletproof Vest

military bullet proof vest, police bulletproof vest, Bulletproof Vest, Tactical Lightweight Bulletproof Vest, full body armor for sale, level 4 body armor, military molle bullet-proof clothing, comfortable bulletproof vest, Concealable Ballistic Vest With NIJ Level IIIA, uhmwpe tactical military vest., Bullet-Proof Garment, body armor (level iv), NIJ IIIA level uhmwpe bulletproof vest, military bullet proof vest, maritime police bullet proof vest/jacket, comfortable level 3 bulletproof vest, newest body armor, ceramic body armor, bullet proof vest, purchase level iv uhmw-pe body armor, comfortable NIJI IIIA bullet proof vest, level IIIA PASGT soft bulletproof vest, level iiia body armor, maritime police uhmwpe bullet proof vest/jacket, ballistic jacket, concealed bulletproof jacket for personal protective, comfortable bullet proof vest nij level iii, the newest bullet proof and stab resistance vest against terrorist attack, the bulletproof and stab-resistant vest opposed to violence, soft body armour with armour panel, soft jungle camouflage body armour, custom life jackets, Tactical Lightweight bulletproof flotation jacket, army bulletproof vest, bullet proof life vest for army, under armour clothing, bullet proof clothing sale, bulletproof vest floation, maritime police uhmwpe bullet proof vest/jacket, bulletproof lightweight vest..., bulletproof vest manufactures manufacturers, bullet proof jacket for the maritime police, full complete protective bulletproof jacket, nij level iiia bulletproof vest, bullet proof vest/jacket, black assisted floating bulletproof vest, soft floating bullet proof vest, floating ballistic vest, floating ballistic vest, Bullet-Proof Vest,

Lightweight Bulletproof Helmet

military ballistic helmet manufacturer, See larger image military police helmet, level iiia bullet proof helmet, See larger image level iiia bullet proof helmet, A Level IIIA Conceslable Bulletproof Helmet In The American style, leve lII PASGT Ballistic Helmet, shellproof helmet, level iiia Anti Ballistic Helmet, standard pasgt helmet, uhmw-pe helmet army, helmet army, newest PASGT bulletproof helmet without visor, bulletproof helmet, bullet proof helmet, High Performance PE light Weight Bulletproof Helmet, war helmet, Concealable Bulletproof Helmet for army,

Bulletproof Plate

uhmwpe Bulletproof Plate, Bulletproof Armor, Bulletproof Plate, aluminium composite Bulletproof Plate, UHMWPE/Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Plate, UHMWPE plate armor, UHMWPE/Silicon Carbide body panels, silicon carbide armor plate, uhmwpe soft armor plate, ceramic hard armor plate, ballistic shield bullet proof shield, armor plate vehicles, body shield pro, NIJ III NIJ IV ballistic plate bulletproof plates DC3-3, bulletproof plate, DC3-4 Bulletproof plates, NIJ III NIJ IV ballistic plate bulletproof plates DC3-5, bulletproof ceramic plates, Armor Plate, sell Bulletproof plate,other bulletproof products, bulletproof plate, Bulletproof Armor, Bulletproof products supplies, bulletproof plate of UHMWPE,

High Performance PE UD Fabric

Ballistic Fabric, Ballistic Fabric, High Performance PE UD Fabric, PE UD fabric, UD fabric, High Performance PE UD Fabric,

High Tenacity High Modulus PE Fiber

Uhmwpe Fiber, UHMWPE Fiber for bulletproof products, uhmwpe materials, UHMWPE fiber in fishing net special, Sell Colorized PE Fiber, UHMWPE Fiber, Colorized UHMWPE Fiber for bulletproof products, Colorized pe fiber, Colorized pe fiber, PE Fiber,

Cut-Resistant Gloves

13 Gauge PU high perfomance Cut-Resistant Gloves, White Cut-Resistant Gloves, PU covered industrial working glove, anti-cut work gloves, Cut-Resistant Gloves, 13 Gauge PU high perfomance cut and chemical resistant gloves, practical latex dipped safty work gloves, latex coated knit safety Glove, mechanic gloves industry safety, pu coated cut resistant glove, milk white powered gloves latex, pu cut resistant gloves, long sleeve safety gloves, knife resistant gloves, glove dipping latex, recycled latex industry safety gloves, latex gloves china, industrial latex gloves, gloves latex, PU covered industrial working glove, cut resistant hand gloves, sell Cut-resistant gloves, 13 guage nitrile coated working hand glove, detachable sheath for a sleeve/oversleeve, protective oversleeve/cut resistant knitting wrist support, long sleeve mechanic gloves,

Cut-Resistant Fabric

Cut-Resistant Fabric, bullet proof fabric on sale,

High Tenacity Rope

High Tenacity Rope, High Tenacity Rope, STRANDS UHMWPE ROPE, Strand Twisted PE rope, strands twisted UHMWPE rope, strand pe rope for net cage, Color marine UHMWPE rope, Color UHMWPE Braided Rope, UHMWPE mooring rope, bule UHMWPE tow ropes, 12-strand uhmwpe rope, powerful polyethylene braided rope, 12 strand UHMWPE rope for climbing, nets rope climbing, 12 strand pe sailing rope, boat tow rope, UHMWPE braided tow rope, UHMWPE fabric rope, 8-strand braided rope, 12 strand blue pe rope, powerful roping ropes, powerful 8-strand mooring rope for high sea fishing, Main technical properties of 12-strand powerful polyethlene ropes, colored braided climbing rope, powerful ce mooring rope, UHMWPE waterproof rope, UHMWPE yacht sail rope, UHMWPE mooring towing ropes, powerful marine mooring rope,

Plasma Treated Fabric

Plasma Treated Fabric

Engineering Fiber

Polyester Engineering Fiber, Engineering Fiber, wave type polyester fiber for concrete,